Monday, December 29, 2008

Video #1

OK yay blogger finally decided to let me upload a video on here. Its a silly video but all I was doing was checking out my Christmas pressie and seeing how the flip works and all, enjoy the video of my fatty cat.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Cristmas lights tour

Alrighty, now we were dorks last night and went to go see lights around our area and, I video taped it with a very bad camera. Well and my bad camera work so, I figured it could be put up here for people to tell me how sick they got from watching it haha. I know it was awfuls but its kinda funnies too. There is more videos of the stuff we saw but its on other cameras and I'm not sure how to get it from them right now, but I will try to soon. OK here's the full video. Maybe when I get my flip camera they will be betters. And since blogger was being difficult and I'm not able to get embedding to work heres the link for the video.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Is it a bad thing that I'm slightly upset with either UPS or FedEx? My mother bought me a gift online and paid extra money to get it here by the holiday and the stupid people shipped it to my Aunts house in Michigan!!!!! What a bunch of dumb asses and a waste of time and money to have it delivered 2 day service or whatever!!! So now I don't get my pressie on or anywhere near the holiday. Maybe I would feel differently if I had gotten my birthday pressies on the day not 12 or 13 days later. Whatever screw it, it's time to drink and forget that tomorrow will suck ass like my birthday did, oh well boo to me. I'm sitting here in the living room writing this staring at the tree with nothing on it and nothing for me under it. OK sorry for me being such a damn downer tonight, but mom and the aunt went to church(hahahaha) for services and I'm here alone contemplating life, and listening to Christmas music.

We went to San Antonio today to use some coupons and try to find a new TV stand for the TV in the living room we use. We found one that is OK but not really what I wanted to get. It will go in the room with the bigger TV and the stand that one was on will be in the smaller living room with the TV that I bought my mother for Christmas. Only bad thing with the new one is there is some assembly to it and right now I don't have the urge to try it, so who knows when it will be done.

OK I'm just rambling on now so, to all my dear friends in every part of my life I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a great time. And if you are traveling be safe. And everyone stay warm.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Toy

My birthday pressie from my mom finally came in today! A new treadmill yay! We went to the store to pick it up tonight since it was purchased online. We got it put together pretty easily after feeling like complete assholes. And of course me being me after it was put together and running I did 2 miles walking in half an hour. This present could turn me into a Nazi about getting in a certain amount of miles done in a day I mean it could become obsessive if I let it. But then again I need to, and more over want to lose about 80 or so pounds. If I am able to get down to the Floridas for my Vacation this year I'd like to not be a fat ass at Disney that people ( like I'm sure I'd do) make fun of. And I know that I need to lose the weight just to be a healthier person. I think I may post a pic of me that I took on my birthday on the fifth, course if you are a twitter friend you have seen the picture already. Maybe I'll do a monthly picture to see if there is a noticeable difference in them. O K I need to get to bed, going to get up earlier in the morning to use the treadmill. Night my dears.


Ok I'm a dork and am putting this out there so maybe I will be more inclined to stick with it an get it accomplished. If I don't I'll just feel like a big loser and not in the biggest loser kind of way. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm not really sure how I feel about the fact my birthday is next Friday. I already know that there will be no real gifts from family/friends here. Is that sad that I know for a fact that on my birthday I wont be even getting a card or anything from my family? I feel sad about my birthday and don't know what i can do to change that feeling. OK this is a poopy post and I'm sorry for that. I guess I will go for now. Didn't mean to sound so depressed or whiny, and I'm not trying to get sympathy or anything its just how things are in my life right now. I love you all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all my friends, family, and the family I've picked have the best and a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am cooking here in Texas and waiting to see if some friends stop by or not. Even if they don't show I will still have a wonderful day.

I am lucky enough that my job gives us a four day holiday and we get paid for today and tomorrow, although it would be great to get paid for the weekend too but since we don't work them its fair that we don't get paid for them. :)

Again to everyone of you dear people in my life in one way or another, Thank you so much for everything this year and I love you all. Have a beautiful and loving holiday.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elf Youself :)

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Ok I found this through The Sweet Bitterness blog and I know its ways to early for it but it was funny. Enjoy and remember my birthday is coming up soon. LOL, yay for being shameless, I am just playing with the birthday thing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Notes

My birthday is coming up soon, and learning from the Pod is my Copilot blog its only 20 days away. YAY! that's all. Love to all

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting Drunkies

OK so it seems that I have decided to drink a bit tonight. We got baby Critter back from the vet on Thursday and I guess that I have decided tonight that it would be a good idea to have a little champagne and toast my sweetheart. I'm for some reason just not having an easy time with his being gone these days.

I don't know why the iTunes is giving me such shit I've had to unsubscribe from some and re added them, but now I had to erase the episodes that I had and download them, which has been a pain in the ass. And there are some shows that will not download its saying that the URL is wrong, which I know its not. Is anyone having this problem with the iTunes? I decided to go through and see if there were more podcast that I was interested in and ended up subscribing to like six or seven new shows and am in the process getting the shows and seeing if I am into them or not. We'll see.

Hall0ween was a complete bust this year. Usually we have a good amount of kids come by, but this year it was just the next door neighbors kids. So we now have alot of candy left or actually all of it and that was what I have had to eat today. I'm cooking dinner now but still all that chocolate is not helping the diet at all!

Alright I think I'm done for now.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008 Pumpkin

OK this is the pumpkin I carved tonight. It was messed up a bit and not truly finished but since I broke pieces more than once I figured it was good lol. I took the pics with my phone camera, and it has sepia, normal, black and white, it also does negative but the pic was kinda weird. i might post that tomorrows, not sure. I hope everyone has a fun Halloween night and be safe!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What the F*ck??????????

OK first I must warn everyone this video is messed up hard core. It makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with people. I found this on a web site I visit sometimes and it disturbed me to no end as to why it happened. Having just taking my pet and having him put down maybe this is more upsetting to me although it would piss me off either way. I hope that the cop ends up in trouble for it!

And I want to tell everyone thank you so much for your kind words and support since my baby passed I love you all.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Critter my love

This is my sweet Critter. I just got home from the vet having to put him to sleep. He passed at 11:30 October 9, 2008. I will truely miss him. He was the sweetest cat and would just love on you to no end. Critter you will be missed every day. XOXO.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok I have no idea what to title this

Every time I write a blog I think that it will be a more often event. It never ends up being how it goes as I just don't figure that anyone really cares what is going on in my life. As it is Friday night and I'm sitting here watching Animal Cops Houston, every time I watch this show I always cringe that people could ever treat an animal like they do. I have spent tonight watching movies since I really have no life to attend to, but oh well. I didn't pick any movies that were ones that I really wanted to see but they aren't that bad of choices. I guess.

This time of year tends to get really busy at my job but the nice thing is the company gives us extra money every week till right before Christmas. Extra cash always helps, although I think that I will just end up spending it on an iPhone. My boss has one and really loves it and I know many other people that have gotten one and love it too. I don't know how much its gonna end up costing me to get out of the Sprint contract but since they didn't do the two year upgrade like they were suppose to, I hope that I won't have alot of time left to pay off or whatever.

As I've said before my brother was staying at my place while he looked for a job, he stayed for about three weeks or so. He left last Sunday and I received an email yesterday saying that he had gotten a call from a company here and was most likely going to come back next week for the interview and what not. Now there isn't a problem with him staying or anything other than I feel the need to keep him company. And that sucks because I like doing what I want when I want and not having to tell people what I'm doing.

OK its time to get back to the movies.


Friday, September 12, 2008

the suckeyness of life

My life has been the suck the last few weeks. My brother has been staying at my house since right before Labor Day. He was in town for a week and found a job at the courthouse. I really do love my brother but I do feel that I should keep him company and such. After I get off work all I really want to do is chill out a bit and then watch tv that is not sports. I have seen more sports in the last two weeks than in the last three years of my life. I like to watch the mind numbing reality shows because they are funny to me. Its fun to watch how stupid and slutty people will be. :)

My work has kind of been a pain in the ass lately. We have a new boy that started about two weeks ago and he is even more lazy than the others and it really makes me want to hurt people. And then with hurricane Ike we really can't send too much out since things have to go through the Houston hub. So we really haven't had a whole lot of things to do in the last few days. And I am sick and tired of having to clean up others peoples messes that the bring back and put on the shelves. I mean how hard is it to make sure that the things are clean before you put them in a box?

Ok I better get going. Thank you all for reading my rants and bs.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

I had a really crappy week at work and just could not be motivated to actually work to much. But I guess when it seems that others are just wasting time I should be able to also, ya know. Thankfully this week is a three day weekend and we get paid for Monday! Hurrah!

I was suppose to go into San Antonio yesterday and spend some time with my brothers but all I ended up doing was sleeping and going to the gym. So at least the gym was done. Today I met the brother I talk to more in Bandera and checked out the Labor Day stuff they had going on there. We walked around the town checked out the sights and ended up going into a few bars to listen to some music. I had gotten sunburned pretty good while we were walking and the bar was kinda an outside place. So with drinking a little and then the sun I started feeling icky. We drove back to town and I showed him the places he needed to be able to find. Then we went to eat dinner at the Cajun place. Yummy food. Then we went back to the house and I kinda got stuck watching baseball, at least it wasn't tennis or golf. OK enough for now. We are going to go tomorrow to Fredricksburg so he can see the stuff there. Hopefully he will like the area. OK I'm outta here for now.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life and Junk

This might be a tad bit of a long post but i couldn't write about some of this when it went down. This week has been a bitch for me. Work has really gotten to me and I am just really frustrated with it. And to top everything off Thursday morning I woke up and the first thing I see online is the fact that a guy that I was in school with was supposed to be executed that evening. Now I haven't talked to him in years, but it still made me upset all day thinking that someone that I know was going to die that night for something he didn't actually do. Now don't get me wrong he was there but did not commit the murder that the other guy did. I found out after I got home Thursday night that he was given a stay for six months. Hopefully they will change his sentence to life or something. Now Friday i got a call from my brother that was out in California saying that he was in San Antonio. So we made plans to meet up on Saturday afternoon. So I drove up to San Antonio and we went down to the Alamo and walked up and down the Riverwalk. It started raining while we were walking but it wasn't that hard so we just kept going. There were a few place on the Riverwalk that he wanted to see so we went to all of them. We decided that we were going to eat a one of the places on the river so he chose County Line, which is a bbq place. After dinner we went back to where he was staying and walked over to the store a got some drinks and just hung out and talked for a bit. I drove back home and decided after walking around all day that I really didn't have to go back to the gym, so I just watched a movie and went to sleep. Today there is other family coming in from Michigan, unfortunatly someone that I dont care for all that much is also with them and that means that I have people in the house that I don't want there! I guess there isn't anything I can do about that. I was planning on taking a day off and doing something while they were in town but I truely just want to hurt the friend and I don't figure that I need to be hitting the woman so I won't be spending any extra time with them at all. They are supposed to be here in about two hours and until I found out the friend was coming I was happy about the visit. Oh well at least there are being things brought down for me that we just can't get in the area. Ok I think that is pretty much it for now. Maybe soon I will start posting more regularly so they won't be so long.

If you have itunes go listen to some really cool peoples podcast. Were mean because youre stupid, A Drink to be Sober, Pod is my copilot, um there are lots more but I have a case of the stupid today and can't come up with them all right now. I have a list on my page so go look there, and if you want to hear me go download A Drink to be Sober I know episode 25 i think it was but there are a couple happy hour shows too. This time I really think I'm done so hope to hear from you soon.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I don't know who I should hate more right now, the itunes or the effing Wal-Mart! I went and got a 50 dollar card and the itunes is saying that the code is not valid. What The Fuck???? Of course you have to type in more shit and wait two days for an effing answer!!! I figure that it will truely be a Wal-Mart issue since everyone there is a moron. Trust me if this town had anything but you know that I would be there instead.

You know I've never really watched any of the Summer Olympics but gymnastics in my life, but for God only knows what reason I sit out in my living room with my cats and have been watching them. I really only wanted to watch the gymnastics but have been watching the swimming. Not completely impressed with it but the Michael Phelps/Team USA race was a pretty good one. Ok hopefully I will stop the spewing of the sports.

My family of pets has been kinda of getting smaller in a way. My cousin Lindsey found out on Sunday that her puppy, Bubba, had Cancer. She decided that from the Dr's telling her that it was pretty far along and gave her pain meds. She decided that it was best to put her baby down because she didn't want him to be in anymore pain. I feel so bad for her. I know the feeling as I had to put one of my kitties down a few years ago for the same reasons. Unfortunatly I have a feeling that one of the cats I have now is not feeing to good. When we took him to the vet she told us there was some kidney issues. So we now have to give him some special foods with two different types of meds. One he gets twice a day and the other is every other day. I truely hope that they are working for him. I've had him since 1992 ish so he's not that young but i will be so devistated. Ok I'm sure you are tired of hearing all this from me so I will go for now.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Olympics

I don't really know why I decided to start a blog for everyone to read, but if you choose to read this thank you. This will probably be where my rants end up but oh well.

I usually don't end up watching the summer games but am watching the gymnastics portions of them this time around. The woman's at least. And team USA are having some issues. Two team members have ankle injurys, and the others are ending up having mistakes. They will I'm sure make the team finals but if they don't get their minds together they won't end up with the Gold. And you know we are all hoping for as many Golds as we can get. The silver and bronze will work too though. Damn the chick that is on the balance beam is doing AMAZING am I do know how hard it is to do that apparatice, having done gymnastics in my younger days. Shawn Johnson did an awesome beam routine. Go team USA.

Thank you for reading and hope you will visit me often.