Tuesday, July 25, 2017


So July 11, 2017 was a craptastic day. Went to the bank and Starbucks, leaving the house for the first time except work, ended up in a car wreck. Dumb little girl pulled out of the car wash and I ended up hitting the back end of her vehicle. Of course it was an SUV and my car was the one that was the losing one. I knew that was going to be the outcome of it after looking at it the very first moment. But the girl was well insured and her company had called by the time i was back from the shop the wrecker too it too. They had a rental car set up for me in under an hour from the wreck happening. Two days later they called and let me know that it was indeed totaled as I knew it would be. The original offer they gave me was way low and I have a friend that works for the company and said to ask for a better amount. So now I have no car, my hours at work are down too like 15 or so a week, which doesn't help me get money enough to get another car decent enough to work Uber.

I'm so tired of being here. Since I have no car I can no longer go and do anything other than go to work. I want to go to San Antonio and go to Six Flags or shop, which I have no money for since I no longer work enough hours to even pay some bills. And since I have no car I can't work anywhere but in this stupid ass town. All there is to do in this shithole is work in fast food and I will never do that shit, I barely eat that crap I could never work there. Ugh fuck this town and this state.


Monday, July 3, 2017


So I'm back from my time in Michigan. I've hated every minute of being in Texas. This is not my home and the stupid heat does nothing to make me happy, I hate being overly hot!! I have only left the house to get groceries the day after I got back, and to go to work. I only have been outside to get the mail, go in and get my tea from Starbucks, and walk into the fuckhole that is the mall that my job is in. Legitimately I am the most miserable person right now, I'm either crying, sleeping or at work. I've been trying to watch this season of Big Brother and I can't stand any of the new people and Paul from BB18 sucks just as much. I follow a spoiler page so I knew that the girl Meagan left before the show aired the Sunday show, as well as the chick Christmas breaking her foot or some shit, what the hell do you do in that house to break your foot when there isn't a comp??
I am filled with a desire to do not a damn thing. Been sitting in my chair with Fiyero on my lap for the most part unless I'm at work. No friends and depression is a great thing apparently. I have the next two days off and nothing to do. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and since I have no friends I get to sit at home alone with the cats. I could go up to Fiesta Texas tomorrow, but I've done that shit on the 4th before and i wanted to punch eery soul that was in any realm of me. Everyone is walking way to slow, lines are stupid long for rides, food, etc, so unless I want to go to jail for slapping some dumb ass bitch i best stay away. 

I guess this dumb ass rant is done I'm out.