Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mary Poppins and more

The last year or two my mother and I have had season tickets to Broadway Across America shows. On the second we saw Mary Poppins. The show was great, I enjoyed it a bunch. I had wanted to get a full size umbrella but didn't have the money for it, so I ended up getting the Christmas ornament. It is so cute and will have the chance to actually be used. Our next show is in December, the Sunday after my birthday. Fiddler on the Roof, I hope its a good show as well. Some of the other shows this year are Les Miz, Billy Elliot, and La Cage Aux Folley. We also got a good deal on great seats for Cats! It's ridiculous that I get so excited for these shows! Oh and Blue Man Group is also in the season but we sold the tickets to a friend. I can't deal with blue people :| lol
As anyone who's read previous posts I'm cleaning out stuff in my life, crappy people, furniture, clothes, anything I can really. I spent Saturday pulling out my bed, headboard, and night stand. After all that we vacuumed the floor and walls so Sunday I could steam clean the carpet. I started that adventure at like 10 am after screwing up breakfast. :( I repeatedly cleaned that section of floor until like 6 pm!! I wasn't able to get my bed back in till almost 8. It was a busy day and I don't really see much difference in the floor. I've decided that I'm just going to check into the cost of redoing the floor so I never have to do it again. ;)
Work has been a bit crazy this week. They decided to take pictures for the new catalogs now. And we are pouring the fragrances that they want for the pictures and setting things as the owners would like it. It's not bad other than we can't put the candles up so less room for glass and stuff to pour the next day. But it's good they will be done hopefully tomorrow night and then Thursday we will be able to put things up and get back to normal. Well at least compared to last week and this one, but Christmas season is on us and we will be busy so no rest. :)
Ok my dears it's time for me to go to bed big hugs and smooches