Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok I have no idea what to title this

Every time I write a blog I think that it will be a more often event. It never ends up being how it goes as I just don't figure that anyone really cares what is going on in my life. As it is Friday night and I'm sitting here watching Animal Cops Houston, every time I watch this show I always cringe that people could ever treat an animal like they do. I have spent tonight watching movies since I really have no life to attend to, but oh well. I didn't pick any movies that were ones that I really wanted to see but they aren't that bad of choices. I guess.

This time of year tends to get really busy at my job but the nice thing is the company gives us extra money every week till right before Christmas. Extra cash always helps, although I think that I will just end up spending it on an iPhone. My boss has one and really loves it and I know many other people that have gotten one and love it too. I don't know how much its gonna end up costing me to get out of the Sprint contract but since they didn't do the two year upgrade like they were suppose to, I hope that I won't have alot of time left to pay off or whatever.

As I've said before my brother was staying at my place while he looked for a job, he stayed for about three weeks or so. He left last Sunday and I received an email yesterday saying that he had gotten a call from a company here and was most likely going to come back next week for the interview and what not. Now there isn't a problem with him staying or anything other than I feel the need to keep him company. And that sucks because I like doing what I want when I want and not having to tell people what I'm doing.

OK its time to get back to the movies.


Friday, September 12, 2008

the suckeyness of life

My life has been the suck the last few weeks. My brother has been staying at my house since right before Labor Day. He was in town for a week and found a job at the courthouse. I really do love my brother but I do feel that I should keep him company and such. After I get off work all I really want to do is chill out a bit and then watch tv that is not sports. I have seen more sports in the last two weeks than in the last three years of my life. I like to watch the mind numbing reality shows because they are funny to me. Its fun to watch how stupid and slutty people will be. :)

My work has kind of been a pain in the ass lately. We have a new boy that started about two weeks ago and he is even more lazy than the others and it really makes me want to hurt people. And then with hurricane Ike we really can't send too much out since things have to go through the Houston hub. So we really haven't had a whole lot of things to do in the last few days. And I am sick and tired of having to clean up others peoples messes that the bring back and put on the shelves. I mean how hard is it to make sure that the things are clean before you put them in a box?

Ok I better get going. Thank you all for reading my rants and bs.