Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ok I know it's been forever since I posted last, I am trying to be better but..... Nothing has really been going on with me much, just working and spending time with friends. Well not completely true, my mother and I have been going to the theater in Kerrville over the last year or so. They usually have a show about once a month. I have seen amazing shows there, The Ten Tenors, The 5 Browns, Synergy, 100 Years Of Broadway. They all were so great. One of the reasons I am so willing to do things that are different is I am trying to broaden my tastes in music ect. It has been fun and I truely have enjoyed the shows. We have season tickets for the 09-10 season so there are a few shows I get to go to at least. On June 13th we went up to San Antonio and went to the Majestic Theater to see Wicked, I LOVED it and the building is so beautiful. I have bought another ticket to see it this coming Sat night. I'm going alone this time but it will be worth it. I have great seats for this one, although the seats for the 13th were very good these are better. :)

Work has been pretty good just same old same old. They did fire a guy Tuesday morning and that was a good thing since he was pretty much not worth being there.

Ok I still have a migrane and Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson have died today so I think that I'm done and going to sleep.