Monday, November 9, 2015

Life in 2015

So I have been working constantly. Basically from August to middle of October with no day off or just part of one off. Being the manager and having no one be willing to help sucks. I started driving for Uber when they started back up in San Antonio in the middle of October, only way to make a little extra as I can't work a scheduled type second job, so uber works well as its on my timeline. The holidays are coming up which makes me happy to an extent. Of course I'm stuck working on thanksgiving while every other person in my company is off. I think it's shitty that since I'm in a Walmart location we are stuck being open when every other one of our stores is closed. So I miss a thanksgiving in the morning and who knows when the dinner at the house will be done since I won't be able to get shit done. All to waste my time and not make money at all. It's bs. I'm so over it all at this point. If I lived in Sa I would say fuck it and just do uber. Who knows what the next few weeks may bring. I may say screw it and walk anyway. The miney I make for the stress and time I work isn't worth it to me at all. 
Love and hugs lovelies xoxo

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